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Description & Process

The Dance and Movement Studies course Sound, Performance, and Creativity deconstructs various elements of performance and sound by creatively exploring and making. The students’ final group performances combined these elements in according to each groups’ vision, to create innovative embodied performances with an emphasis on sound, but also utilizing movement and a choice of tools including light, costuming, and set.

One such tool is digital sound recording and editing. To this end, students worked with Kyle Burnham and A/V specialist Graham Espe. In February, students in groups of three or four created sound pieces, using the same base text, which were digitally recorded by Espe. Lloyd and Burnham collaborated on a workshop to teach the four main tools for editing with GarageBand and assigned a small individual task to use those tools to create a new sound piece out of the recorded sound, using segments from each groups’ audio. Burnham also worked to Lloyd to create a sound visualization video for the course, visualizing the sounds from David Bowie’s “Angels Have Gone.”

This assignment familiarized the students with the technology required to edit sound digitally. Lloyd assigned student groups of three of four a text from which to draw inspiration for their final performance. Students again met with Espe for recording their sounds, both vocal and made from a variety of objects. Because of the scaffolded nature of the project, they were familiar enough with digital audio editing that they could focus on the effect of their final performance rather than how to edit their sound. Each student group had a session to run their movement and digital sound piece with Lloyd and Burnham for individualized support and teachable moments.

Groups presented their final performances to a small audience, successfully incorporating digital and live sound with movements and messages.

Learning Goals & Objectives

This course was designed to introduce students to creative uses of sound in performance. Student will:

  • Put on a creative performance piece
  • Utilize digital audio editing tools
  • Analyze the effects of their performance upon their audience
  • Choose elements of performance to aid their message

Students were successfully able to design and put on innovative performances.

Additional Information

Dance 130: Sound, Performance, Creativity

To complete this project, there were:

  • GarageBand Intro
    • 1 recording session – 1.5 hours
    • 1 workshop – 1.5 hours
    • 1 working session – 1.5 hours
  • Final Performance
    • 3 recording sessions (one for each group) – 1.5 hours each
    • 3 working sessions (one for each group) – 1.5 hours each

Total time per student: ~20-25 hours