Students from Unpacking My Library met with Educational Technologist Kylie Burnham to get the ball rolling on creating a book with augmented reality components. The class is broken up into several different project groups, including an AR group researching and creating the augmented reality components, and a documentation group recording and photographing the process.

The students previously produced a broadside on a campus letter press, which a glyph representing each student. The idea is to mix the revolutionary 16th century letterpress technology with our modern day media revolution by virtually augmenting the broadside, such that when viewed with a phone, each glyph displays information related to each student, such as photos taken by the documentation group.

Letterpress broadside with "FUTURE / THE / BACK TO" running down it. BACK is printed in reverse, like a mirror view. Arrows point upwards to the previous line. A grid of 16 small glyphs covers the broadsheet.Today, we digitally scanned the broadside, and isolated each glyph to designate them as “trigger images” in Aurasma Studio. Trigger images are what the phone’s viewer searches for that trigger the augmentation to appear and overlay the real world. In future sessions, we will connect the trigger images to the overlay images, which can be 2D and 3D images and video.

A page in Aurasma Studio displaying four trigger images from the broadside.